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We try to be flexible in project financing, with a combination of fixed fees and hourly rates. Final payment is only accepted after our clients are happy with the results.


Rainer Malzbender(Fearless Leader)

Rainer has an AB Physics degree from Princeton University and a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from the University of Colorado. But he's also always been a closeted engineer, with over 30 years experience in electronics hardware, computer software, image analysis, algorithm development, and display technologies. His computer experience began with an IBM 1620 in high school, and after college he saw the light and turned down admission at Harvard Business School to work as a software (mostly Pascal on a PDP-11) and hardware (mostly hand-drawn schematics) engineer in California. After grad school and a post-doc in Boulder, he combined his physics and engineering skills managing an engineering team and designing things at Displaytech, a startup commercializing novel LCOS technology that was purchased by semiconductor giant Micron Technology. He has been consulting at least part time since 1986, and full time since 2002. He is an instrument-rated private pilot and flies a Cessna 182. In his non-existent off time he likes to backpack, ski, play music, and work with wood.