RPM Associates Technical Consulting

  • Xilinx FPGA development, including Vivado/ISE/EDK/SDK
  • Zynq hardware/software development (e.g. Picozed, Zedboard, Red Pitaya)
  • Xilinx 7-Series and Zynq Gigabit transceivers
  • VHDL, Verilog, mixed-language HDL simulation
  • Opal Kelly FPGA boards (USB2 , USB3, FMC)
  • 4DSP high speed analog/digital hardware and software development
  • Testbench development and verification
  • Image processing end-to-end hardware sims (image-in, image-out)
  • C#, C++, C, Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Linux, Windows
  • Perl, Tcl/Tk, Python, PHP and other script languages as needed
  • Pascal, Fortran, Basic (if you must!)
  • Various microcontroller C and assemblers
  • Pulse-width modulated display algorithms
  • Human visual system-based display optimization and image coding
  • Genetic algorithms, simulated annealing
  • Mathematica
  • Printed Circuit Board design using Altium Designer